Optimizing digital content since 1996, I can help you discover the data-inspired insights to make your business succeed.

Author, international keynote speaker, and consultant, I understand the complexities of content marketing, data, AI, and search.

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Brian Piper pointing up towards SEO presentation while speaking about content optimization.

How can you increase organic traffic?

Is your content driving as much organic traffic as it could? Is it aligned with your strategic priorities? Are you tracking the correct key performance indicators (KPIs)? Do you have content on the verge of driving significantly more traffic?

How can you leverage AI in your content marketing?

Generative AI can help with every step of your content marketing, from ideation and creation to distribution and optimization. These tools can create incredible efficiencies in your workflows and improve your content’s effectiveness. How do you integrate AI into your workflows and processes? How can AI aggregate and analyze your data to create better insights?

These are the questions I ask and answer every day.

Experience drives results

I have a proven track record of pushing content to the top of the search results, optimizing content performance, structuring analytics to track messaging and reach, and establishing governance and taxonomies to enable reporting against strategic goals.

I have worked primarily in higher education, medical institutions, and the defense industry but also have experience with B2B and B2C businesses.

Can we collaborate?

Reach out to learn how we can work together to improve your content performance.

Brian Piper featured on the Times Square billboard in New York City during NFTNYC 2022.
Featured over Times Square during NFTNYC.
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