AFC CMC Presentation

Presentation slides

Christopher Penn’s RACE prompt structure

Looker/Google Search Console dashboard template

Prompts used in the presentation:
Persona prompt #1:
You are a content marketing expert. You have a deep understanding of audiences and targeted marketing.
I will be asking you to create an ideal audience persona for a potential undergraduate student at the {institution name}, {institution URL}, based on the following information.
Use the attached data set to understand the typical composition of the current student class. Use the content from {strategic plan or mission statement page} to understand the institution’s priorities and goals. Use the content from {institution about page} to help define who our ideal student is that would thrive in our environment.
Create the persona. Take your time. Thank you

Persona prompt #2:
Add information on their priority initiatives (what are the 5-10 things they spend their time, money, and thoughts on), success factors (what 5-10 things would indicate success for them in their education and life), perceived barriers (what things would keep them from attending the university), decision criteria (what are the main factors in their final choice), and decision process/journey (what steps do they go through, what questions do they ask, and what content do they consume on their decision process).

Tools discussed:
Perplexity – generative AI search tool
Otter – transcribe audio files into text
Gemini – Google’s multi-modal generative AI tool
HyperWrite – OthersideAI’s multi-modal generative AI tool
Claude 3 – Anthropic’s multi-modal generative AI tool
ChatGPT (with Dall-E 3) – OpenAI’s multi-modal generative AI tool
Midjourney – text-to-image tool
Descript – video/audio editing AI tool
Capsho – audio/podcast editing AI tool
GlossAI – video segmenting AI tool
OpusClip – video segmenting AI tool focusing on vertical/social video
Runway – text-to-video tool
HeyGen – AI avatar creation tool
Harpa AI – Chrome extension with numerous features

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